Measures for the general prevention of erectile dysfunction include: Every tenth man over the age of 21 suffers from an erectile dysfunction, about 50% of men over 40 experience various difficulties associated with erectile dysfunction.

How to have an iron, honest and strong boner?

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Scientists designate sexual attraction between people with the interesting word "libido".

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And here a fluttering heart and rapid breathing are already connected, the pressure rises. Only then the centers of the spinal cord "lift" the penis, filling it with blood, increasing and straining for combat readiness.

When combined with pleasing pictures and tactile pleasure, libido awakens the genital center in the brain and induces arousal.

Each link in the process is of particular importance.

As soon as one of them fails, sexual disorder, dysfunction, and weak erection can immediately follow.

Excitement, emotions, sexual intercourse itself lead to irritation and activation of the head of the penis, then the seminal vesicles contract and at the end the semen is ejected, ejaculation occurs and orgasm occurs.

It is the muscles that are in the uncontrollable territory - in the walls of blood vessels and internal organs - that are responsible for the genital organ.

Of course, the influence of nerve impulses has not been canceled, but the influence of the will of the owner is a little lost.

In the process, theexcitement, electrical signals sweep along the nerves, impulses affect the "behavior" of the organ, muscles contract and relax.

Inside the man's penis, two cavernous bodies are hidden, muscles run along their walls, due to which the organ is able to change in size.

At rest, these muscles, like the muscles of small arteries, maintain a state of tone, contracting extremely weakly.

Small volumes of blood circulate in them without interruption, but they are not able to bring the organ into an elastic state.

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As soon as the right moment comes, powerful impulses go to the reproductive system, which are responsible for the genital organ, the muscles relax, blood flows in large volumes to the penis, filling its "caves". This is how an erection occurs.

As soon as the excitement subsides, the muscles begin to contract again, the blood is squeezed out under their influence, the penis is relaxed again.

The order cialis to relax the muscles is received with the help of acetylcholine, the action of which is easily destroyed by a special enzyme.

The very first awakening of the penis is manifested in boys 5-6 years old; it has nothing to do with sexual emotions. Then the phenomenon becomes more frequent, especially during puberty of a young man. An erection reaches its peak at about 20 years old. Then there is a decline, but it can completely disappear at completely different ages. For some it is 40 years old, and some men in 90 are able to surprise.

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Make your health a top priority! There are many easy things that can be done every day to create a healthy lifestyle, like eating well, being smoke-free, managing stress and getting enough sleep. Premier Medical Group is here to help you become your healthiest self.

If you don't want to see a sluggish and incapable organ by the age of 40, stop drinking alcohol.

We don't think it's worth talking about drugs, here everything is clear anyway.

Dangerous for male confidence and diabetes mellitus, prostatitis, hormonal dysfunction, vascular sclerosis. An excess of male sex hormones without a doctor's instructions can also lead to disastrous results.

Any strong stress, depression, excitement also makes the organ to be in a calm state.

We are talking about age-related changes, but if you are faced with erection problems during the first intercourse, do not worry, this is just excessive arousal or too long foreplay.

It adversely affects the ability to have sex and the lack of balance. Long breaks without sex, like everyday intercourse, can affect your erection. Of course, all people are different, and everyone has their own norm.

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But on average, an average 30-year-old man has sex three times a week without harm to his health. The minimum that needs to be done is once every two weeks. In ensuring the function of an erection, the leading role is given to the penis. The penis is needed for the act of copulation, carrying sperm (ejaculate) into the woman's vagina, as well as removing urine from the body through the urethra.

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An increase in the size of the penis in a state of erection is achieved by changing the level of filling with blood in the cavernous bodies of the penis.